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Check icon Run searches for development opportunities in zoning areas.

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Making zoning work for you

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Make Zoning Work for You

  • find

    Step 1


    If you can’t see it you can’t develop it. Use our platform’s search capabilities to understand an entire zoning area. Find opportunities using our advanced filters. Overlay specific plans, opportunity zones and transit layers, among others.

  • Accelerate

    Step 2


    Speed is essential. Keeping costs low is critical. Use our platform to see site-specific zoning information and then compare current conditions with development potential. Run and re-run maximum capacity and 3D models in real-time.

  • win

    Step 3


    Competition comes all angles. Markets can be unforgiving. Use our platform’s searching and modeling to move better performing projects through their iterations and into entitlement. Improve cycle times and build the right projects for you.

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Opportunity Search

Run a search within a zoning area for development opportunities. Use advanced filters to focus on high value sites.

For example, search for:

  • Multi-family as a permitted use
  • Sites where 30 or more residential units can be added

Add important layers including:

  • Specific or Precise Plans
  • Opportunity Zones
  • Transit Corridors

Refine using filters:

  • Desired Lot Size (Min. and Max.)
  • Current Building Coverage (Min. and Max)
  • Construction Date (built before)
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Zoning Viewer

You can easily access site-specific information.
Most importantly compare current conditions to development potential.You can do the following:

  • Compare current conditions vs. development potential
  • Access current use and relevant site data
  • One-click to layers and sub-layers of zoning restrictions
  • Navigate through multiple uses and sites rapidly.
  • Run and re-run different uses and test assumptions.
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Development Potential and 3D Modeling*

On-demand maximum capacity modeling. Our algorithms run the site-specific zoning restrictions and model the following:

  • Max residential units
  • Max building sqft and coverage
  • Max building height and number of floors
  • Minimum number of parking spaces.
  • Minimum open space requirements.

*3D modeling is currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Redwood City, CA, and Menlo Park, CA, with coverage expanding rapidly.

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Run “What-If” Scenarios
(coming soon)

Change development inputs. Override assumptions for current restrictions. Use the “What-If” to understand unseen development opportunity with ability to model:

  • Combining and splitting lots
  • Adding state density bonus
  • Transit corridor incentives
  • Parking requirements
  • Heights
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