We're a team with development, land use and tech backgrounds who've come together to solve a big development problem: leveraging zoning codes and making them work for us (not against us).

We wanted to “see” a city at general and specific plan levels, use filters to search for opportunities, and seamlessly access site-specific information. We knew that it would be critical to compare what's currently on the parcel, and what the potential for the parcel could be. We also knew that adding layers such as specific plans, opportunity zones and transit corridors would be needed.

We wanted to model building potential in 3D and work on enabling “What-if?” scenarios on sites, using different development inputs, to see capacity on any given site.

So we started to digitize city zoning codes and write modeling algorithms to make this happen. That's how we got started with a vision of what we wanted to make easier. And the market started to find us. To begin with, we'd like to think that we're on the forefront of addressing housing production challenges here in California.

Whether we're facilitating opportunity searching along transit corridors, developing ADU feasibility tools, or partnering with off-site construction projects; we believe that increased access to opportunity, better decision making, and cost-curve bending are all part of our mission.

Our proposition is simple:
Find. Accelerate. Build.

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Our Team

Stas Alexandrov CEO

Stas Alexandrov


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Andrew Barnes VP of Sales

Andrew Barnes

VP of Strategy and Growth

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Eugene CTO

Eugene Naydenov


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The coolest guy in idevelop.city

Artem Bordiian

Lead Front End Developer

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Michael DevOps Arbuzik

Michael Voropaiev

DevOps Engineer

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Alex Data Science

Alexander Begun

Data Science / Machine Learning

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Elena Data Science

Elena Dmytriieva

Data Science / Machine Learning

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Daniil Anichin Math

Daniil Anichin

Data Science / Machine Learning

Ihor Peredystyi Frontend

Ihor Peredystyi

Front End Developer

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Serhii Ladonia Backend (Geodon)

Serhii Ladonia

Back End / Geodata Specialist

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Max Product Designer (a ya dumala sova)

Max Yerohov

Product Designer

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Serhii Zoning

Serhii Korotianets

Zoning Analysis Expert

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Myroslava Zoning

Myroslava Buryma

Zoning Analysis Expert

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Alexandra Zoning

Alexandra Zhdanova

Zoning Analysis Expert

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